About us

About Us

Mortgage Choice Inc is a fully licensed Mortgage Broker offering financial solutions to most Mortgage financing situations. Built upon the basic tenet that people have a choice, Mortgage Choice Inc. has built the approach our staff uses to help counsel, discuss and structure mortgage financing.

Your home is likely one of the largest single assets you will ever own. We have dedicated our resources to having the highest trained mortgage professionals in the mortgage industry. We structure our consultations and gear them toward financial training and leveraging assets- then add in good, old fashioned common sense. We have designed a system that empowers our clients to make sound, educated decisions. You will seldom have your Mortgage planner place you in a program. We will, however, narrow your options to a few, quality, viable choices that best meet your stated goals. We will educate you about those programs, both good and bad. And then allow you the opportunity to make a sound financial decision.

Please come prepared to discuss your goals as our mortgage model relies on open, honest dialogue about your expectations and goals. Much like a Doctor, we cannot prescribe a “remedy”, without first reaching a diagnosis.

We have several proprietary links to the major financial markets that enable our staff to not only see movements in the financial markets, but also to relate those movements to their impact on interest rates

Our goal is simple… We want to be the last Mortgage lender you will ever need.

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What people are saying

I truly cannot put into words how appreciative I am for everything you and Holli have done for me. It has been a huge undertaking on your behalf and not to mention very complex. In this modern world in which we live the meaning of SUPERIOR customer service/client relations means very little. Most provide substandard service and just want to collect their paycheck. You and Holli are some of the few left who pride themselves in their profession, act on the best interest of their client and provide the superior customer service most long to receive. THANK YOU so much.

Denise D'Andrea