Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began offering a program of loan guarantee many many years ago. This product is ONLY available to a Veteran or spouse of deceased veteran that has VA loan “eligibility” and offers loans up to 100% financing. Regular service, war time service, Reservists, and retired veterans should ask us about the options available. This program does require an up front fee much like FHA. It is called the funding fee. This fee varies widely dependent upon the type of service and whether you have obtained a VA guaranteed loan before. Veterans earning any disability income are likely exempt from this fee, making a VA loan even more attractive. Ask us if VA funding may be right for you.


What people are saying

Laura, thanks SO much for all your help and hand-holding through this process - I can't imagine having done it with anybody else! Your knowledge of the system, willingness to work with me on all fronts and fantastic attitude made the whole experience a great one.

Dave Regnier